Friday, March 18, 2011

Estoy de vuelta

If you are a dedicated reader of my blog, which I am assuming you are not, you will realise that I am writing after almost six months (You may verify from the date of my last post). Where was I these six months? As much as I'd like to say something spectacular as traveling to Greece and Italy, I was happily sitting and studying besides badly managing two random jobs in which I lasted no more than two months. But then those who are aware, will know what has happened. I now have less than two weeks to the interview, and my mock interview are a disaster. But that is a different story. These six months were quite eventful. And my 'eventful' comprises of watching films and a trip to Tamil Nadu, which by the way is a very interesting place, especially if you tour it in a day-time temperature of close to forty degree centigrade. I went to Chennai, Velankanni, Pondicherry and Mahabalipuram, and en route saw a few other places whose names I cannot recall correctly. The purpose of the entire trip was to visit Velankanni, which is one of the few pilgrimage sites for us Catholics in India, and the six hours that I spent there were some of the most meaningful and enriching hours of my life. I liked Pondicherry primarily because that was the only place in the entire state that I saw a clean beach. And for those of you who corrected me that it was Puducherry, even the territory headquarters say the former. Mahabalipuram had beautiful architecture in the few temples that the tsunami had spared. Chennai reminded me a lot of Delhi-broad roads captured by badly parked cars, autos that overcharge, shopkeepers that double prices for tourists, and crowded markets, and I genuinely felt closer to home. 
The other half of my eventful six months, as I said earlier, comprised of watching films. And considering that I saw Band Baajaa Baaraat for the sixteenth time yesterday, I do not need to elaborate. I am always more interested in the films that focus on the dhinchak of Delhi, rather than the ones on the Bollywoodesque Bombay. More on this, in some other post. 

Ps. The title of this post is very interesting. Maybe you should Google it.