Friday, April 16, 2010

Dil, Dosti etc...

We're always complaining about how some people are mean, selfish, they do not care about our feelings, talk to us only when they have some work, or constantly try to take advantage of other people or get their work done some way or another. I have come across a lot of such people in life, mostly in college. But I don't think that there is anything wrong about their behaviour. What they exhibit, is as I'd like to call it, normal human behaviour. Why normal? That is because this is how most people are! At the risk of sounding cynical, I genuinely believe that most people are that way, and I personally think that it would be wrong to criticize their attitude, because that is the people they are and not much can be done about it. They are regular people with the regular attitude, and nothing can, or rather should be expected of them, because if we waste time doing so, then we won't be able to experience the other set of people in the world. Barring the people I mentioned, there is a percentage of people who do not have this 'regular' attitude; they are different in the things they say, and in the things they do. These are the people who last the entire lifetime as close friends; these are the people you, if lucky enough, eventually end up spending your life with. These are the people who make life beautiful and each moment worth cherishing. We seldom come across such people in life, and whenever we do-we create wonderful and everlasting memories. It just depends on how lucky you have been to have such people in life? These four years in college have also taught me a lot about 'friends'. Who is your friend? The one you hang around with the entire day? The one you bunk your class to go to a film with? Your agony aunt? A lot of back-bitching goes around, actually. So what is the point in calling each other friends when in the next breath you supplement it with your limited availability of options because the said person is in your class and you'd might as well get along! 
Shucks!!!! I just do not get it. Either you are friends, or you are not. A relationship of convenience is not something that goes down well with me, but then people have their own ways to deal with things, and I just find it really weird.