Friday, May 07, 2010

Towards the ending...

Today was an extremely overwhelming day. In the morning, when I was in the metro, it suddenly struck me how today would practically be the last day of college. Though there still is another week to go, but people will not really be regular next week. The sudden deluge of somberness that I experienced was extremely depressing, and throughout my one hour of travel in the metro, a montage of memories from the past four years flipped through my mind, after which I decided that because today would be the last day that all of my friends would be together voluntarily, I would try my best to make the day memorable. The weather also favoured us today, and I felt truly blessed. But the sequence of events that followed was completely different from what I had envisaged. 
I don't really want to detail out everything here, but I was really upset while going back home, and even the Black Currant shake couldn't do much to change my mood.  By evening, I was practically alone in the college. Most had either left for home or were busy with something or the other. I tried to get some to hang around with, but it eventually didn't turn out that way; I guess the approaching exams are keeping everyone busy. I had planned to stay on till late in the campus, but eventually changed my mind because of the same reason; but returned half-way for no apparent reason. All I wanted to do today was hang around with my friends, because I keep having a recurring feeling of how these days once gone, will never return, and I want to do more than just loiter around in the corridors.
Anyway, I just think that the day just turned out to be extremely futile, and did nothing except make me realise that things are starting to change. 

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  1. while reading ur post the first thing that came to my mind was one yr later even i n my batchmates will be in ur place...feeling nostalgic in the last few days of rather than making the last few days memorable, y nt make each n every day memorable in some way!