Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Hate Friends

Honestly, I wanted to watch Glee only to find out what the god damned thing was! The promos were well played to conjure up suspense, and because I do not watch online episodes of US shows (yes I am that kind-sorry if I don't sound cool) I had no idea what Glee in Glee was supposed to be. 
Apart from the 25 year old teenagers routine common to most US shows (I have The O.C. to prove my point), the sexually charged show replete with the regular obsessions of guess-which-one-of-you-two-got-me-pregnant, Glee is a sheer delight because of the thematic song renditions. For reasons that completely evade me, one of my favourites is Kurt's All the single ladies...maybe I just like Beyonce...maybe I don't!!! The show does have interesting dramatic undertones manifested through the characters, which I much as I like Emma for all her mysophobic idiosyncrasy. Though the "Be yourself" bit is the quintessential unwed and pregnant, fat, black, gay routine. 
Okay so if you don't like HIMYM. you should officially be killed...better stoned to death...after being driven on the roads by wild goats. Gosh...if there has been anything I've been in love with after DH, it's this!!! Incredible...or stupendofabulous whatever that word perfect to describe this show. Mr. Thomas & Mr. Bays *applause*
The concept is brilliant, and the story lines of each episode are just so meticulous and engaging that I can't help watching repeats. My favourite bit is the Marshall-Lily love track, as much as is Barney's suiting up stints. Robin's become much more outspoken this season, and we're not complaining. 
 This is what legendary is made of...
All right..between

How could you not prefer watching the latter? For starters, I hated that White Collar begun immediately after Castle ended, and that too on the same slot, and so it was more like because of you Mr. Smart Criminal I won't get to see Castle. But that aside, White Collar was plain thieves, murder, art thieves, murder ...can we please move on now. Matthew Bomer made no incentive either for obvious reasons. I think WC lacks the edginess that Castle has...people do get murdered here as well but in all the...mmm...for want of a better word...fancy ways *sadist takes a bow*. Then they throw in lots of technicalities and intricacies that amaze you with a gosh-that's-how-he-did-it!!! Plus Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic have better on-screen chemistry and timing. I like the way Castle and Beckett complement each others' lines of thoughts. Interesting....
Prior to these, Star World advertised 90210 intelligently enough to make me see the stupid extent of even watching the original series online. And by the way, if this poster leads you to opine about the show anything on the lines of The O.C., I must say you'll be absolutely right. It was more of an OC meets Baywatch meets Dawson's Creek with ample sex and skin show. Nevertheless it made for a decent watch with it's risque story lines. 
One of the best comedies that Star World has broadcast is 30 Rock. Alec Baldwin and especially Tina Fey have been so extraordinarily amazing with their performances that it was sheer pleasure to see the sarcasm driven controlling Jack, and the totally down-but-not-out Liz Lemon.
Then there were the other shows that I remember watching like My Name Is Earl, Boston Legal, The Office, and The Practice, which I really enjoyed, though nothing beats The Simpsons!!!
But I never have, and will never like Friends (except for Phoebe). I don't understand why people love it so is, if I may take the liberty of saying so...crass of the first order. Most of the people I know who like it, do so only because others seem to like it...senseless, but nevertheless, to each his own.

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