Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Hard Times High Times

It's been really really long here....nearly two months. But I am here at last, with lots of happenings of the past two months. The entire gamut of experiences that I went through these last two months reminded me of these lines from a song I remember randomly-
"Hard times, high times
Sometimes the living is sweet and sometimes there's nothing to eat (quite literally)"
My tryst with destiny began on July 26th with DSC Ltd., my first workplace. The induction programme was incredible. I don't remember having had such a fun filled week ever. I met so many new people, read some of the best brains in the country *applause*, tried to come to terms with the feeling of working to make ends meet :-D having been pulled out of my comfort zone but thankfully with a lot of luxurious living. A week later we were off to Guwahati, which was diametrically opposite to what I had imagined it to be-one sight of an isolated mountain, 42 degrees Centigrade, no rainfall, and squalor. But nevertheless I was content with the office, and my residence. My hopes of seeing the Kaziranga park were dreadfully squashed by my boss when he decided to send us off for a brief visit to the Dibrugarh office, and as much as the 'garh' suffix will lead you to believe so, this place is not in Rajasthan. Dibrugarh is in Upper Assam and is not infested with Naxalites who go about randomly killing people on streets (another one of my friend's wisecracks). This place seemed much better than Guwahati-primarily because I got good vegetarian food to eat at nominal prices unlike the apology that the 700 bucks veg biryani was in some of the "finest" restaurants of the capital city. Bombay (and not Mumbai) was the next stop. The office was beautiful, the apartment as gorgeous, the city glimmered in the evening lights, and my trip was cut short by the UPSC.
I had to return to Delhi to find that I had cleared my IAS Prelims *thank you*. The sequence of events that followed included frantic shouting, hurried form filling sessions, deep discussions, and an apologetic resignation letter, which was followed with the information that our salary had been raised by ten thousand bucks!!!
And ever since I'm torn between two tough decisions, and my friends are divided on the issue...

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  1. best of luck for IAS sir...i know u'll make it..!!