Friday, July 23, 2010

A Hiatus Well Deserved

Two months....two entire months of not doing anything at all! After the last exam ended on the fourth of last month, I have been doing nothing at all. The first few days were spent in getting all the administrative work done in college, and after that I had absolutely nothing to do (read I wanted to do nothing at all). I remember how in school I would always spend my summer vacations trying to complete the year's syllabi and sometimes go for a small trip to meet my cousins. Even in college, I always had myself worried about the next semester during the summer break. The last two summer breaks, were however, spent around concrete columns and amidst iron bars, and as much as that gives the impression of I being in jail, I was actually in certain similar places, that is, my industrial training construction sites. However this summer was completely different. I completed all my formalities and paper-work in the first week of June itself, and then I was left with nothing to do! This was probably the first ever time that I was not worried about the impending scenario, with my work in place. I was informed about my late-July joining so that left me with nearly six weeks to unwind at home. I chose to do nothing except watch television, and roam around till late with friends. As unproductive as this might seem, it was completely the opposite...and no I did not achieve nirvana, any form of self-realisation. 
I started my day with 30 Rock (an absolute delight, and incredibly humorous), and ended it with The Simpsons (a new found liking), sprinkled with optimum amounts of chatting on the phone, and making random comments on FaceBook. And while we're speaking of FaceBook, I even tried to find out the reason behind this odd name, but in vain. I was hooked on to Castle the entire time and even watched all the repeat episodes-it was just so gripping. After its season ended Star World begun telecasting White Collar, which was  not even half as interesting...most of the stories were only about stolen antiques, but made for good viewing nevertheless. There was also a time when I was watching a lot of European, and South-East Asian films as well on World Movies, and I must admit they were very interesting, captivating, and incredibly original, and I could easily spot which Hindi films they had 'inspired' (sic).
But as fate would have it, I am only three days away from starting work, and I am at the pinnacle of my anxiety levels. One week in Gurgaon, then Bombay, and thereafter different places around the country-it's definitely a great experience to look forward to. I know the work will be difficult, but it will definitely worth what I am getting in return, so no complaints there. I have a lot to do over the weekend-meet at least a dozen of my friends who have sworn to kill me if I don't, meet a whole bunch of relatives who have also sworn the same, treat a lot of people, shop etc. etc.
So, I guess I'd better get started...

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